31 Dec Fav 100 snaps from X100 Series.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

I could still vividly remember the day I saw the original X100 in the flesh. Never own the original. Had a couple of chances using the X100S. Eventually I did own X100T and now the X100F. A very worn out X100F because is my everyday camera. I could shoot basically anything with this little almost pocketable wonder. From travel, daily commute, celebration, street portraits or even fashion shoot in the studio. I love the X100 series because of it portability and the design. Simply stunning. A brilliant hybrid viewfinder. A very silent and able camera. Comes in built in ND filter and has a leaf shutter lens. It’s a very special camera. The only other camera that could match up will be the X-Pro series. Again they are very different beast altogether. As many are looking forward to the coming of the X100F’s successor; does anyone have a wishlist on what new tech or feature should be added? For me; it has to have an improve  AF, WR and a 16mm WCL lens adaptor( please! ). With this I could take this camera and conquer this beautiful world. Lastly I would like to showcase mine fav 100 shots done by either a X100s, X100T or  X100F. Before you proceed with the snaps do follow our IG for all Fujifilm goodness https://www.instagram.com/fujifanboys/

X100T + WCL

OINK4083 1

X100F with force flash and 1/2000

Fav 100 snaps from X100 Series. posted on Ivan Joshua Loh on .

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