17 Nov Father Bill Christmas and his twelve days of indulgence

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It’s that time of year again, black Fridays, foggy Wednesdays, hours of delays on the trains due to a leaf on the line, Nigella on the telly, Thanksgiving turkeys boosting the sales of indigestion tablets and dozens of innocent, unsuspecting, cheerful, upbeat songs murdered by being slowed right down and handed to a reedy beta warbler to croon over a mawkish CGI TV advert for a bank or a department store.

Oh yes, and the Season of Goodwill and a new Star Wars movie is just around the corner.

I don’t know about you, but I do regard myself as a bit of a traditionalist: Trees, presents, mistletoe, holly, robins, yule logs, etc.  None of this new-fangled Christmas nonsense for me though. Instead I celebrate Saturnalia, with a bit of Yule thrown in. You get all the same traditions, just a bit less watered down and commercialised. I grant you it is hard to find cards though…

So this item is both seasonal and (with any luck) timely. It details twelve items that mesh well with and are in some cases downright useful to the wandering photographer. Some will help you carry your kit, some will make it easier to use, and some will just keep you warm on a chilly night, while you try to shoot those pesky carol singers (tip: start with the one that’s off-key…) My choices are generally Fuji-orientated, but many are generic or available in other fits (and sizes).

I’ve deliberately picked items that are all priced under a hundred…

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