05 Jul Fashion Photography with Fuji X and Instax

Source: Fuji Love

Full photo process makes me happy, calm, satisfied and gives me the power to move people and their hearts. I think I can also help some people with my work – to success, to love how they look, who they are. People write me after years how great their portraits are, they are speaking even louder after the years. For me it is a pleasure to hear that my pictures making people happy for such a period. I love stories — fake or real ones.

My life is fully filled with pictures and stories. I like to consider myself as a writer of stories instead of a visual artist. Telling stories reminds to the people who we are, what kind of stories we have and how we see each other. I want to change the way and points of view how we treat people and I hope they are way more young people like me trying to open our minds and promote the beauty of being different and doing something own way. I used to travel a lot to see the world and I decided do go home and work here, in Czech Republic. I use to always love the claim: “Think globally – act locally”. Many people thinks their career will be better in capital cities or abroad, but in case all talented and clever people would leave their countries, these countries would get very poor without fresh intelligence and art.


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