14 Nov Family Portraits Bath

Family Portraits Bath

I have now owned the Fuji 50-140mm f2.8 lens for about a week now, I’ve done several ‘what I call’ tests with this lens, you can check one of my first tests (HERE) but as promised I said I would add a few more images after a Family Photo Shoot using this lens.

Just to explain how I photograph these shoots and very similar style to a wedding photography shoot, I’m not one of those photographers that setup lighting, diffusers or props,  impressive as these images are, it’s not the way I work, I’m very much a reportage photography kind of guy. Yes I will make a few adjustments before taking an image if the look isn’t quite correct aesthetically but on the whole, I like to shoot natural image’s! It was the little chaps birthday and so it was lovely that Mum & Dad brought some balloons to release, I have written a small article with regards to my thoughts on how to get the best from a wedding Pre-shoot or Family portrait shoot (HERE) if you fancy a read!

This Family photo shoot was taken around the grounds of the wonderful Stourhead National Trust property, a lovely autumnal day,  I have the pleasure of photographing this couple’s wedding next year and this gave me an opportunity to take a few shots of this lovely family but also provided Fungai and Simon a view into how I work, very relaxed and natural.