27 Feb Facebook Killed the Blog

Source: LightTraveler

I was talking on here ! Yes on here the other day to aussiestreetpics and it was then I realised how right he was ! Facebook has killed so much off that I used to enjoy.

Some of the old platforms were clunky and hard work at times but we all found a way to talk and make good friends. From Flickr and Wordpess to MSM etc there was this amazing online community and it was almost troll and ego free and there were not to many opinions. In fact it was like an over spill from a pub ! Like minded people following the blogs or photographers they liked looking at each other’s art or writing and sharing mutuel respect for each other.

Then along came facebook and the world changed. Of course the internet is great and I for one was a great fan of how easy it was to talk and connect to people !

The downside however was after a few years with your real friends and also the people you met online the bloggers artists photographers Facebook changed the algorithms and made it harder to find people to connect and directed their algorithms to drive adverts and shorten your reach. As much as people then turned against the clunky old MySpace I quite missed it ! It was easy and you could talk to like minded people but without the venom of unwanted opinion !

If you have not watched The Social Dilemma

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