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Over the last few years I have written a lot about Facebook / Twitter / Instagram and even Flickr but now with Facebook in the news again it’s time to write some more.

I was really hoping there would be something new by now for creatives but I fear due to cost and Facebook’s strangle hold on the Internet it’s never going to happen.

I was disappointed to watch a video from Facebook’s head of Fucking up Instagram yesterday to see that Instagram or what ever they change its name to will be a fully immersive experience !! Where you can be in a room watching a film with a friend on the other side of the world ! What the actual Fuck is that all about ?

Instagram love it or hate it was great for artists and photographers to quickly get their Art out there to thousands of people. Facebook came along and changed all that. It’s now Bots and algorithmic shit doing the same thing day after day. Along with fake influencers and all the like 10 of your images in hope you follow them back or use your images to increase there profile freaks ! Let along “ we want you to be our ambassador “ nobs !

It’s a hard decision for me but after leaving Facebook and restricting my time on Twitter I am coming off Instagram and Twitter at the end of this year. I am going to

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