29 Sep Exposure X7 announced: Features new masking tool, customizable workspaces & more

Source: DP Review

Exposure Software has announced Exposure X7, its latest RAW photo editing application. Exposure X7, which can be used as a standalone app or as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic, adds numerous new features, including a new masking tool, improved workspace design, and more.

Exposure X7 is an all-in-one photo editing solution, offering users organizational tools, non-destructive RAW editing, layers-based editing, intelligent masking tools, over 500 customizable presets, one-click automatic adjustments and more.

Focusing on masking tools first, this is an area where Exposure X7 is significantly improved. The new Polygon Selection tool allows the user to draw a rough border around an object. After drawing a rough outline, Exposure X7 will use its intelligent algorithms to make a precise selection, allowing you to separate a subject from the background easily. You can see the new tool in action in the video overview below.

Exposure X7 includes additional improvements, including new editing workspaces. There are dedicated workspaces within the standalone app for particular tasks, including image culling, editing and retouching. Users can also create new customized workspaces.

The crop and transform tools have been unified into a single easy-to-use interface, as well. Further, new composition guides have been added to Exposure X7, including guides for golden ratio, golden spiral, golden triangle and diagonal compositions.

Exposure X7 features additional improvements to the overall image editing experience beyond the new masking tools. As laid out by Exposure Software, other new features

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