07 Mar Expectations

Source: Don Craig

Working with the Fujifilm X-series cameras and flash

Funny thing about expectations, time can really change how you view things. I have worked with the XPro2 for a year and the XT2 nearly that long, and with the EF-X500 flash for the past few months. This equipment works so well now and is so transparent, I have to remind myself what a change this is from working with the first-generation X100 and the XPro1.

The combination of the two second-generation camera bodies with the excellent lens selection has made my work photography, if not without any cares, at least predictable and very satisfying. In other words, my expectations have changed a lot since 2012. The first-generation Fujifilm X-cameras were a welcome departure from the same-same world of shooting with Nikon/Canon DSLRs. They weren’t without there quirks, but they were workable and the results were fantastic. Yet, they didn’t always work as well as I would have liked.

With the release of the second-generation flagship bodies, Fujifilm has met most and exceeded some of my expectations for both work and pleasure photography (OK. I admit, there is some GFX lust too. More on that in another post). The ever-expanding lens lineup and the recent introduction of the EF-X500 flash has really consolidated the X-series. So, it would seem that all is right with the world. Is there nothing to improve upon? Well actually…

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