26 Mar Expanding from pandemic life while backpacking

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After one year of pandemic living, or perhaps in spite of it, we resolved to hoist packs to our backs and set out for a 3-day trip. The destination: Henry Coe State Park, California’s second largest state park, an expanse of 87,000 acres (over 130 square miles). My companion: Micah, my son, 20-something years old. The kit: my trusty Fujifilm X-T20 and the 27mm pancake lens. And one other crucial bit of kit, but that comes later.

Fuji X-T20 . Fuji XF27mmF2.8 @27mm . f/14 . 1/110″ . ISO 200

Why a backpacking trip? As we rounded one year of working-at-home, a colleague asked me “what animal does this pandemic make you feel like?” I suggested: “a dog.”
Yes, a dog. Because I’m pretty comfortable at home with my water and food bowls nearby, but if anyone says “walk” then I get crazy and start barking wildly at the door, urging “let’s go now!”

One Saturday in March 2021, we set out to Henry Coe, which is on the edge of the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re lucky to have such a large, open space just one hour from home. Henry Coe is the place where the creator must have thought “I want to see just how steep I can make coastal hills without forming obvious mountains.”

The hills rise to about 3000 feet (1 km) above San Francisco Bay. On the first day, we started at an altitude of 700 feet and hiked 1900 feet upwards to Willson

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