24 Jul Everyday oddities – Chris Mollon

Source: Fujifeed

Detroit based photographer Chris Mollon takes inspiration from the simplicity of his own surroundings in the city to create both wonderfully vibrant and sculptural scenes.   

Projecting his own personal struggles with depression and anxiety, Chris work reflects these experiences by shedding a more positive light on them with his use of rich colour.


An avid Fujifilm user, Chris is self-taught, mainly learning via online resources to hone his technical abilities and strong colour palette. After experimenting with various films and cameras he began shooting a variety of subjects before utilising the medium of photography to express himself through his battle with introversion. He says, “I’m drowning out all that negativity with bright vivid colour.”


Almost animatedly Chris work holds a performative layer by capturing our banal everyday settings and highlighting them with slightly unnerving yet beautiful oddities, leading you to question the subject’s actuality. Often depicting models with hidden faces and incorporating quirky and playful props, the work presents a sense of self-protection using the most ordinary objects.


You can see more of Chris Mollon’s work on Instagram @freakingyikes
All images shot with the Fujifilm X100F.

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