04 Jan Escape the cold, go photo-antiquing

Source: Valérie Jardin

There there many things I love to photograph on bitterly cold days. The weather has never been an excuse for me not to exercise my ‘visual push-ups’. One of my favorite activities is what I call ‘photo-antiquing’.

It’s not simply walking into an antique store and photographing random objects. The exercise, as described in my book The Art of Seeing Photographically, is to work the frame without moving or repositioning any object. No removing distractions (price tags, etc) allowed, that would be too easy! It’s all about shooting with more intent and pretending you don’t even have a processing software to work with later. I also highly recommend one focal length and no cropping, just like the few frames below shot recently in a cute little antique store in Duluth, Minnesota.

Try it next time you have cabin fever and you feel that there is nothing to go out and shoot. Your creative soul will thank you!

I shot these with the Fujifilm Xpro2 and the 35mm 1.4 to get me out of my 23mm comfort zone

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