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It has been an unusual year, to say the least!

Today, as this challenging year comes to an end, please allow me to share some personal thoughts and offer some hope of a better 2021.

Few of you know that seventeen years ago, about this time of year, I spent six months fighting for my life. Against the doctors’ prognosis, I somehow survived, and my lovely wife Kasia rolled me in a wheelchair out of hospital. 

The experience helped me to sort out my priorities and I made a decision that changed my life and led me to a much better place, where I am today. Despite constant dialysis and other medical challenges, I decided to indulge myself in building something new, working hard through the situation I found myself in. As long as I could think and control the pain, I knew I had to occupy my mind with achievable and workable ideas. Three years later I received a kidney transplant and life began again. That’s how olafphoto was born and all the ideas associated with it. 

Jumping a few years ahead, a similar mindset kicked in when the COVID-19 changed our daily routine. I immediately saw this crisis as an opportunity to build and create. Most days for the last eleven months I have been working on my publishing vision and the Medium Format Magazine in particular. There was no Netflix or wasting time on politics. I have always believed that if you want to change something

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