14 Mar Embracing winter as a street photographer

Source: Fuji Love


Winter in Canada can be long and dreadful, but over the years I’ve Learned to embrace winter as a photographer. Winter scenes are full of interesting visual elements, the falling snow, the icy conditions, and the people braving the cold all add a new dimension to an otherwise ordinary urban landscape.

Capturing winter street scenes can be quite a challenge, you need to have not only the right gear but also the right timing. By right gear, I am talking about proper winter clothing and footwear and the right camera gear. Personally speaking, I would be on the street and exposed to the cold for an hour or two so it’s important to dress warm and wear winter boots and gloves.

Take coffee breaks when you need to defrost. It would also help to have weather resistant cameras and lenses. You can certainly try using non-weather sealed gear, I have done that many times in the past without any issues or incidents.

To me, having weather sealed gear is more about peace of mind, it’s nice to be able to go out without constantly worrying about damaging your gear in the winter months. I have been shooting with the Fuji X-Pro2 and the XF35mm f/2 WR for about a year now, and I have put this kit to test many times as they have been through snow storms and freezing rain….


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