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Lightroom Mobile features and failings


Typical mobile editing setup.

In the past year, mobile editing has become an increasingly necessary part of my job. When I am shooting jobs in Victoria, I mostly rely upon my “normal” laptop workflow. That is, I shoot the job, return to my office/laptop and edit the job using Lightroom, with a little help from Photo Mechanic. This workflow also applies, when I am able to take my laptop with me on the road. The one caveat for working with the laptop on the road is that I have the space to carry and use the laptop. Frequently I don’t.

This is where mobile editing fits into my workflow. With an iPad and Lightroom CC Mobile (LRM), I am able to do a fairly comprehensive job of editing and delivering photos. Here is how I use LRM on the road. Apologies in advance, it’s a long read.

With a subscription to Lightroom Classic (LRC), you have the opportunity to sync with LRM on any number of mobile devices. In my case, those are my work iPad and iPhone. Let’s assume that I am on the road and have a multiple events to shoot in a day, but don’t have room to carry my laptop with me (not unusual). That is when I bring my iPad instead.

How it works

The first step is to import

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