13 Aug Early Morning Pier

Source: Little Big Travelling Camera

When in Santa Barbara the first way always leads to the pier. This is a busy except if you go there in the morning.

We have been here many times before but we never had the pier for ourselves. To be honest it felt rather strange. Closed shops and restaurants, an empty pier, no-one on the beach and no surfers in the water. It was like visiting a completely different place.

All we could do was staring at the sea. It was magic!

Of course I had to take pictures. I always do. Sometimes I wonder if I would experience things differently if I would travel without a camera. “I look at what’s there right now.” my smart wife once said. Good point! Am I too focused on taking pictures that I can’t enjoy the moment? That I only experience the scenery through a small, now even electronic, viewfinder? I don’t know and I most likely will never find it out.

I have to take pictures because 1. I really enjoy photography 2. I want to preserve all those moments. I enjoy to look at the images that I took during my travels as they bring back some memories. I can’t imagine not having them. Here my wife agrees. She can look at the things right now because she knows that I…

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