12 Oct Dyslexia

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Not sure where to start but it’s about time I wrote something ! For many years my friends have told me to write a book about my life and for years I have said “ I am Dyslexic and no one will want to read it” the strange thing is people have been reading my blog and most of my social media posts for years ! So in a way I have no excuse. I guess a book would be good but not 100% sure I am up to a book just yet but I really do need to blog more ! The trouble is as soon as I think about blogging more I get distracted by something else.

As many of my may know I am Dyslexic and have written about my Dyslexia before. My Dyslexia is on the high lever if you want to put it on a scale and is two areas of the brain not connected. These areas are Wernick’s area and Broca’s area. I have lived with this all my life and all positives and negatives. To be honest it’s negatives have only been other peoples perceptions of Dyslexia ! Unfortunately these people were my parents and teachers.

Dyslexia has never held me back in life

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