21 Oct DXO PhotoLab 4 Launches

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

It seems to be the month for software announcements. Hot on the heels of Lightroom 10, DXO Labs has announced the release of DXO Photo Lab version 4. I’ve been playing with this for a little while, and I’ll have a proper review in due time but for now, here’s the details of what’s new.

Deep Prime Noise Reduction

The biggest new feature is the new “Deep Prime” noise reduction. This is actually pretty cool. It does something different when it comes to traditional noise reduction on RAW photos and does the noise reduction as part of the demosaicing process. On top of that it uses AI t process the image. The result, it is claimed is a significantly better quality noise reduction and detail retention compared to the previous version and other software.

DxO Smart Workspace

This version brings about a new workspace redesign, which allows you to see the adjustment tools grouped by category or also in a section for your favourites. In the past, you just got a long list of collapsable panels, and this makes it much easier to navigate the numerous tools.

Batch Renaming

You can now batch rename files directly in DXO Photo Lab

DxO Advanced History

The software now includes a history palette, with a list of selectable history states. It also displays the editing values next to each state of the image as well as the difference compared to previous values. If you had used a preset or pasted in

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