14 Sep DSLR v Mirrorless: An open letter to my beloved Canon

Source: Macfilos

Andy Sands of Chiswick Camera Centre trying out the new medium format GFX, just one of the significant mirrorless competitors to the traditional DSLR (taken with the Leica M10)

Although I love cameras I don’t have a closed mind when it comes to which brand to use. Many people decide on a particular brand and then become messianic in their adherence, regarding anyone who does not agree with them as beyond the Pale. This can be boring, all that self-justification is unedifying at best. 

I see from Lightroom that over the past five years I have used over 100 different cameras (many of them variations on a particular model), some of which I own or have owned, others which I borrowed for test purposes or just out of interest. Conclusion? There are no really bad cameras these days and I see no reason to feel that my current choice is better than anyone else’s. Sure, I love my Leicas and my micro four-thirds cameras. I also have great respect for Fuji and Sony in particular. I could take any camera from any of these ranges and be happy. I would certainly never criticise anyone for choosing a different camera to me. But I have an enquiring mind and love to try something new. 


Just why is Canon not showing the same development as Sony, asks Jason Futrill

Over the past five years ago there has been a continuing debate on the merits of the traditional DSLR and the upstart mirrorless brigade…

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