18 Feb DPR: Fujifilm GFX X Summit Concepts up Close

Source: Fuji Addict

Fujifilm showed off some concepts at the recent X Summit that we covered in depth. DPReview just published the best look we have gotten yet of these concepts including the modular GFX which is based on the Hasselblad 500-series camera. This camera was called the Omega concept and represents the most radical design. This never reached production because the shutter mechanism was too large for the concept.

DPReview has more photos in their gallery along with a slightly different take if you are interested, which you can view here.

Read more: https://fujiaddict.com/2019/02/18/dpr-fujifilm-gfx-x-summit-concepts-up-close/#ixzz5fv8G5p7O

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