13 Jan Documenting a Small Town with the Fujifilm X-T2

Source: Fuji Love

It was never my intention to photograph the small town of Thames. As someone who is passionate about street photography, I confess to having a slight misconception that small towns were very ordinary, very predictable, very non-descript. To make this small town, some 1 ½ hours from the city where I live, the subject of a photographic project would seem unlikely. But by chance, I happened to be ‘passing through’ on a Saturday Market day, when the main street was a crowded and colourful mix of locals and out of towners with some great photo opportunities. Very soon I was returning whenever possible and 2 years later the project is ongoing. Once a gold mining town in the 1870’s attracting prospectors from all over the world – Thames boasted a population that made it one of the largest towns in New Zealand. But, as the gold ran out, so followed a boom and bust history. With the decline of mining and associated industries there was an inevitable population drift. Today, Thames is a town that attracts those looking for a quieter lifestyle, artists, creatives, alternative life stylers and existing families who are locals – descendants of those who never left. […]

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