10 Dec Do Something for Nothing

Source: Fuji Love

It’s not about haircuts. Or homelessness. Or photographs. It’s not even about giving back. For British hairdresser Joshua (Josh) Coombes and photographer Valérie Jardin, it’s simply about human connection.  Coombes says his #DoSomethingForNothing movement is ultimately about making time in a world full of distractions to notice the people around us and lift them up…to be a beacon of hope in the present moment. “Even if you can’t give back realistically, you can still give ten minutes of your day to talk to someone,” Coombes says. “Your ‘do something for nothing’ might be different than mine. It might not be working with the homeless. It’s about using your skills or time to make others smile in your community. We have to use something as powerful as social media for good where we can. We can change things. It starts small, then builds.” In September 2017, Coombes teamed up with renowned street photographer Valérie Jardin. Together, they hit the streets of New York City. Coombes first contacted Jardin in 2015 about partnering in Paris. That didn’t work out, but they finally connected in the Big Apple where their friendship blossomed, and plans took shape for production of an eBook highlighting their experience, …

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