07 Aug Discovering the city lights

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So, I was trying to remember which was the first picture I ever took with my X-E1, thinking, was it something important, meaningful? Or was it just the first thing I found the first time I held it in my hands? And so far, I just can’t seem to remember. I got my camera the first days of May, back in 2018, but the first X mount lens I got for it arrived like a month later, so the first pictures I took with this camera I did with a Helios M42, an old Russian vintage lens, and an adapter.

I bought both of them from a guy I know that repairs old lenses and cameras, and who has an analog photography store in my town called Adaptocam. I probably took the first pictures with this camera at his home in Cabo Blanco, right outside of town, from where he used to run the shop before moving it into a beautiful, communal old house called ‘The Black Swan’, a house that he and some other people set up as a shared space for their stores and businesses.

Fuji X-E1 . 1/30″ . ISO 1600

This means my first picture with this camera was probably a picture of an old lens sitting on his desk, or maybe an outside window, looking over at some bushes and a backyard. Nothing special, but a necessary and mandatory first step, the start of something new. Back then I didn’t even know how to use this

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