15 Sep Discovering New Places to Shoot

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I live in Ohio, and there are a lot of nice things about Ohio, but few would consider it a prime destination for landscape photography.  If you’ve come to this site for a while, you’ve gotten used to seeing shots from around Columbus, where I live, and places nearby.  Occasionally I’ll get to make a trip out-of-state or out of the country, which will afford additional opportunities.  When I lived in Europe, I traveled a ton: I’d go to a new city or a new country every month and explore. Now, I don’t get those kinds of travel opportunities, but one has to make the best of that and learn to see the familiar in new ways.

However, you also need to explore the area around your location for potential new places to shoot, simply to keep things fresh.  In Ohio, we don’t have big mountains or amazing seaside cliffs, but we do have a fair amount of glacier-created rocky gorges with streams and some smaller waterfalls. I quite enjoy shooting waterfalls, and have made a point to visit many of the major falls in Ohio over the past 10 years.  However, this past week, I learned about a new place, and wanted to share some images.  I was browsing 500px, and someone had added one of my images to a collection of photos from Ohio, and I saw a picture of Berea Falls, outside of Cleveland by a photographer named Michael Shake. It was a good image, but most…

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