12 Feb Develop your style

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In this quick guide I will share with you my thoughts on how to develop a style in photography. The first thing to note is that a style consists of a set of established rules that are loosely adhered to. It is fair to say that the classical rules of thirds etc are what most people use and their pictures ‘fit in’ as a result. If you want your work to ‘stand out’ you need to come up with some simple rules of your own. When I established the style rules for Lovegrove wedding photography back at the turn of the century a Lovegrove album was instantly recognisable. It led to my wife and I having a fabulous career that ran for 10 years and we shot over 400 weddings. Here are the rules we made for wedding photography that established the Lovegrove style. Shoot everything at f/4 Shoot into the light whenever possible Do not include sky in the pictures Shoot with a wide lens or a tight lens but not a standard lens Shoot sequences with a rhythm Avoid all fashionable traits Compose with dramatic proportions Celebrate shadows Never attach a flash to the camera Don’t use high […]

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