14 Feb “Death is actually a matter of life”

Source: Fuji X Passion

Text: Jesper Storgaard Jensen

Photos: Klaus Bo

“Some years ago I was going to document life in a mosque in the Vesterbro neighborhood, in Copenhagen. A member of the neighborhood’s Pakistani community had died and the body was about to be sent to Pakistan. The deceased was lying in an open coffin in the mosque which was very busy that day. Suddenly, I saw a boy of about eight years old standing and looking at the deceased. It was an emotional scene that made me reflect; it was the first time that I had seen a dead person. It made me think of how great a taboo death actually is, especially here in Northern Europe. In the following years, I often thought about the scene with the boy and the body and very slowly a project idea began to take shape in my head. In 2010, I started to take the first serious steps in a project that was later to become my Dead and Alive project.”

The Danish photographer Klaus Bo (born 1967) has been working freelance for the last 20 years. Recently, he received the special prize of the Danish Life & Death Association which, since 2011, has been awarded every year to a person who has made a special effort to break down the taboo about death. And Klaus Bo was certainly an excellent choice. For the…

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