09 May Dealing with film grain simulation and the Fuji X-Pro2

One of the added features of the Fuji X-Pro2 is its new film grain simulation. In the past I have sometimes used a film simulation of my own creation to give my monochrome prints even more of a film look. Naturally, I was looking forward to applying the grain simulation built into the X-Pro2. After trying it out, however, I decided that the look was a bit too false for my taste and so I went back to my old tried-and-true methods. I will be illustrating both grain simulations here and providing downloadable files to use to add your own grain.

I took the photo below with different film grain simulations of the X-Pro2 set to Acros. The first sample shows the image with no grain, the second with light grain, and the third with heavy grain.

If you have even looked at negative film grain under a microscope, as I have, you will notice that it is not perfect. It is both random and slightly soft on the edges. Checking out the X-Pro2 grain in the sample above shows a grain that is much harder edged and less random in its look.