15 Aug Day Packs: Everyday carry around ingenuity from Ohyo

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Olympus Trip and Ohyo Mk.I

I’ve been meaning to do an Everyday Carry, or “EDC” article for some time. It’s a question that I frequently get asked, and the short answer is often “it depends”. When I am suited and booted for the day job it’s usually a fairly mundane briefcase-type thing into which I slip my Ricoh GR or one of the smaller Fujis; the X100T or X20. When out and about, my priorities change. I don’t need to lug a laptop and a charger for instance, or any papers. I therefore tend to prefer a low-profile (in both senses of the word) messenger-type bag. At one end of that spectrum, of course, sits my Billingham Hadley Pro—a couple of decades old now, but still looking good as new. For extra capacity I can (and do) even stick on an AVEA3 at one end and an AVEA5 at the other.

Ohyo bag Mk.I, blue, in tablet configuration

But the big Billingham is still patently and obviously a camera bag and that is not always desirable or appropriate. For years I have taken Hadley inserts and popped them into grungy “no name” messenger bags bought for a few quid on the high street (or a handy market stall). They only last a few years before dying (usually of weakstrapitis) but they have the inherent advantage of being about as nondescript as they come.

Travel setup

I wrote recently about my travelling setup, involving a Millican backpack, Hadley inserts and an Ohyo bag.

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