21 Feb Day 7 of 100, Singapore

Source: Charlene Winfred

Day 7 of 100, Singapore

Still here. And this is not a gear review.

Picked up a GFX 50S (two, really) from Fujifilm Asia Pacific today, which is headquartered here in Singapore. Favian Loo, divisional marketing manager, offered to loan Flemming and I one with three lenses for a week – to which we were all “YES PLEASE.” It’s not every day someone offers you a ten thousand dollar camera to simply muck around with.


When we got to Favian’s office, there were two bodies instead of the one we were expecting to share. It was exceedingly generous of him, especially as we aren’t even attached to the local division (both of us are with Fujifilm Nordic). We are very lucky to be Fujifilm ambassadors. We work with some fine people who support our work with gusto.

We spent this evening padding our usual beat around the neighbourhood, getting to know the ins and outs of these new cameras.


While I’m counting my blessings, I must say that it’s extremely lucky I live and travel with another photographer. Photographers must be one of the most boring kinds of people to travel with, unless you’re one. There’s a lot of aimless walking, idle hanging around waiting for the light or some other as-yet-unnamed thing to be right, pointless looking around, and if you’re like us, in completely arbitrary places. I’m lucky to have someone who works in the same way, to a similar rhythm.


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