07 Jul Darktable 3.6 released, adds significant usability and performance improvements

Source: DP Review

The darktable team has announced its second summer feature release, bringing darktable to version 3.6. The latest update is the first of two planned feature releases, with the second intended to come out this winter. Darktable hopes to release a pair of major updates each year.

Back to today’s update. Version 3.6 adds numerous new features to darktable. First up is the new ‘quick access panel,’ a replacement for the old basic adjustments module and more. The quick access panel includes a new interface that combines existing processing modules into a unified layout. Users can add controls from any module to the quick access panel, promising improved usability. A further improvement is the ability to add and remove modules from a module group quickly.

The new ‘quick access panel’ replaces the old basic adjustments panel in darktable 3.6.

Darktable writes, ‘Now that scene-referred image processing is virtually feature-complete in darktable 3.6, scene-referred is now the default workflow. The legacy workflow can still be manually enabled in the preferences.’ Alongside the new image processing, there’s a new interpolation method, dubbed ‘safe.’ It’s the new default to build the characteristic ‘S’ shaped tone curve. It uses a rational polynomial, similar to the Michaelis-Menten equation, ‘which prevents the under- and over-shooting that can sometimes occur with high contrast and latitude when using the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ interpolation methods.’

The color balance RGB module introduces several innovations to improve color editing. The module

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