02 Jul Daily life scenes and people, from Latin America and beyond

Source: Fuji X Passion

Felipe Rubilar, documentary photographer and freelance filmmaker from Chile but currently living in Mexico City, accepted to be interviewed to talk about his long term project on Latin American countries and cultures, as well as the use of Fuji equipment in all his work, personal or professional.

Hello Felipe! Could you please introduce yourself?
Hi, my name is Felipe Rubilar, I’m from Chile but currently living in Mexico City. I’m a freelance Branded Content filmmaker and editor, working in documentary, commercial and music projects or everything mixed up, and along with my audiovisual career, I’m also into photography as a complementary discipline and a passion by itself.

Canon 60D . 1/60” . ISO 200
Typical Gaucho taking a break of his woodwork along with bulls – Mañihuales (Patagonia), Chile

Working as an audiovisual professional, when did you decide to start doing photography as well?
I was first introduced to photography in 2004 when I was in the first year of my filmmaking studies. We were learning all the basic concepts about taking pictures manually, Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, all with 35mm analogue cameras. After an initial introduction of shooting with color film, we started shooting black & white and respectively started developing and printing ourselves in the college darkroom.

This is the moment I started to fall in love with photography, albeit, at first more by the process than the art. It was very delightful and revealing to be manipulating the film from developing to finally projecting over the printing paper

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