16 May Cuban Beauties with the Fuji X100F by Guillaume Dutilh

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Cuba often gives tourists the impression of traveling back in time, a feeling mostly created by the number of antique 1940’s and 1950’s cars. How is it that so many vintage American classics ended up in a country that our own government warns us about visiting?

The Cuban Revolution
Before the Cuban Revolution, the USA owned huge shares in the industries of Cuba. There was quite a bit of trade going on between both countries, mostly thanks to the relationship between the US government and Batista, Cuba’s dictator-like president. Many US-built cars drove the streets of Havana carrying around wealthy American tourists. Even though most metrics indicated that Cuba’s economy was thriving, the Cubans themselves were suffering. Income inequalities were growing and the ones who benefited the most from this thriving economy were wealthy American businessmen and a few Cubans in power. The country was ripe for a revolution….

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