21 Apr Cuba, a photographers paradise part 2 ~ Trinidad

Source: Pro Photo Nut

(part 1: Havana is here). The tour details are here.

01. The streets of Trinidad are a riot of colour. There are so many combinations of saturated pigment that shouldn’t really work together but somehow they do and in an exciting way.

Photography and words: Damien Lovegrove

02. Javier our guide (Pronounced Havier) stands in the morning sunlight in the main square of old Trinidad, pictured right. Patterned light created by shadows has always been a fascination to me and I’ve employed it in my photography since 1984 when I started my career. I’ve even gone to the trouble of buying a plastic palm tree to use as a gobo/ faux dingle in my studio and I’ve designed Scattergels for use with Fresnel lensed lights too.


03. Top left: keeping pet song birds is a thing in Trinidad much like pet ferrets is a thing in the north of England. Top right: The yellow Fiat 126 will be as good as new when the paint dries. Middle left and bottom right: The sky colour, saturation and luminosity blends perfectly with the street scenes in Trinidad.

I was charmed by the friendliness of the locals and the vibrant, colourful beauty of Trinidad. So much of the world around me is bland right now with neutrals dominating clothing and house paint. The cars in mainland Europe seem to only be available in white, grey, silver or black too and this has been going on for nearly 10 years. I do hope the trend

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