18 Mar Cuba, a photographers paradise part 1 ~ Havana

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The unabridged full version of Damien’s epic experience in Cuba. Part 1 ~ Havana

Photography and words: Damien Lovegrove
Event: The Passion Photography Experience adventures in Cuba 2018 Two 7 day tours limited to just 6 photographers per tour.
Camera: Fujifilm GFX50s, 32-64mm and 110mm lenses

01. The iconic 1950s American cars are everywhere in Cuba.

Cuba, or ‘cooba’ (as locals call it) is a photographers paradise, an island of contrasts. Parts of the fabric of the island have been held in a time warp since the revolution of 1956-59 and now Cuba is slowly but surely emerging into the 21st century. It’s an exciting time to live in Cuba and an exciting time to visit.

02. The old and central Havana districts are so distressed they are stunningly beautiful. They are best explored in the late afternoon light and at night. I waited for the walking man to be set against the yellow panel before I released the shutter. I love the dog up on the balcony in this shot too. 32-64mm lens at 33mm and f/4 for 1/500th second and ISO 250


03. The mix of buildings in Cuba is unique. These shots were captured within a 200m radius of our tour hotel. There are some fabulous examples of Art Deco, Art Nuevo and neo classical buildings in central Havana. These sit alongside the brutalist architecture of 1950s and the stark designs of the pre Glasnost soviet era.

I love the vibe in Cuba. It’s a place I could enjoy

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