30 Oct Creativity Returns

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Blown away by the struggles I have had to get my head back in to being creative over the last few years !

I guess it’s like being given a recipe to make a cake you you are given 10,000 ingredients your mind can’t cope and switches off !

To get back to painting what did I do !! Like an idiot I ignored my own advice to Photographers !! I used to tell people not to use YouTube because it’s just to much for the brain to cope with ! What did I do … yep looked at YouTube !!!

The moment I dumped Instagram and stopped looking at YouTube the magic happened. I just started to sit down and paint. I am right back where I started 40+ years ago but I don’t care.

With photography if you teach yourself and have no feedback like Vivian Mayor you find your own way and your own style. At a later stage it’s probably a good idea to socialise with creatives to learn but not imperative.

Away from social media you just put brush to paper and start to paint. At that point you learn how to use a brush, what paper works for you, what the paints mix like, what the water and the paint do it’s real and it’s exciting. Three days off Instagram and I am painting again and loving it. Can’t wait to see where my work is in 12

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