02 Nov Creative: The Fuji File Three

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Yep, I took a selfie. In my own defense it was during test mode. Trying to figure out what all the buttons on the XT2 are actually for. Do you know this camera has autofocus? Wow, news to me. So I was making my way through the buttons and wheels and knobs and gears and came across the multiple exposure dial. Who knew? And due to my dedication you are graced with this image. Probably the best image of all time. You’re welcome.

In the past I’ve done audio to accompany these posts but this one really didn’t require much explanation. Two exposures, handheld. DONE. This is titled “The Fuji File,” so let me provide a bit more info on that angle. The XT2 is the first digital camera I’ve had that I don’t feel is holding me back, making me mad or is too big to carry as a system. I’ve had dozens of digital cameras over the years, including things like the Canon 5DIII I still have, and all the lenses. The Canon system is what I would call a more robust all around system, but it all depends on what you do. If I was working full time as a photographer and needed to shoot everything under the sun I would never get rid of that Canon system. However, that’s not me anymore. Photographically I’m back to where I want to be which is shooting what I want, traveling and doing stories, and for this the XT2 and my three lenses are nearly perfect.(23,35,56) Coming from so many years with Leica the Fuji feels normal to me. Size, weight, lens options and responsiveness are very close to what I had with my old, German friends but the autofocus and low light abilities of the Fuji are a good addition. And the color out of the Fuji is maybe the best of any camera I’ve used. One final thought, the price. Fuji isn’t going to kill you on the prices. Just compared a f/2 Leica lens to the price of an f/2 “Fujichron” and you will probably poop your pants….

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