06 Sep Composition, light and an introduction to Fuji mirrorless photography

Source: Fujifilm Insider

As a new contributor to Macfilos, I introduce myself as an enthusiastic amateur photographer belonging to a local photographic club in the North West of England. The club is a source of photographic inspiration, good friendship and fierce competitive struggles in the league and annual competitions.

My photographic interests are primarily in nature and wildlife photography and also in event and action shooting. I still also believe I might one day make the grade in landscape, portrait and street photography which means that hope springs eternal in the photographic breast.

As the bearer of a famous photographic name, I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked about my camera and what was it like photographing Jean Shrimpton. My real come-uppance however came at the club when the organiser of one of our external competitions came up to me and asked if I would care to submit some images for the next inter-club competition. I was initially flattered and collected my best images together for the event.

Sadly I was later somewhat deflated to discover that his main interest had been in getting my name on the list of entrants for the evening. The aim was to frighten the opposition rather than pay any shred of homage to my efforts…

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