12 Jun Composition – Creating Something Meaningful: A Video Interview with Craig Reilly

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NOTE: This is a Guest Blog post written by Timothy Lunn exclusively for www.streethunters.net.

Craig Reilly from Street Photography International shares his background in street photography and offers advice for those struggling to compose a street shot.

Sombreness and Serenity

Three years ago, Craig Reilly was walking through Peckham Rye, London.

Before he co-founded Street Photography International, before was published in TimeOut, and before became an Olympus Ambassador, he was just an amateur photographer, hopping jobs, moving flats and growing desperately tired of his (very) occasional landscape photography.

Something had to change.

Out of the mist reared a tree. It spread its near-empty branches through the empty park, withered and stark. Beneath it cycled a man, barely visible beneath the branches.

Craig clicked the shutter.

This photo marked the start of his career in street photography, the first photograph that combined a human form with an urban landscape – and it was a fine example at that.

The composition was exact, the tree positioned in the centre of the image, the darkness of the trunk contrasted with the sheer white of the mist. The figure was weighted perfectly, balanced against the enormous scale of the tree. And the mist lent some depth to the image, receding into the edges of the frame.

More than anything, the composition was meaningful – it wasn’t just pretty, it created a feeling, an atmosphere. Craig explains,

‘It was the serene mood, the quietness of it. It was very sombre. Maybe I felt quite alone at that moment of my life.’

Posting the photo online, Craig felt less alone, as he began to discover the genre of street photography – its community and its figureheads – as well as the joys of composing photographs on the street. Around this time, he

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