15 Jun Coming to Grips with the Fujifilm VPB-XT2 Vertical Power Booster

Source: The Common Sense Photographer

The Fujifilm X-T2  mirrorless camera is an amazing image making machine in a small package.  Adding the VPB-XT2 Vertical Power Booster Grip makes it a not as small a package.  The question, is it worth the extra weight.

The VPB-XT2 has several advantages over the equivalent VG-XT1 X-T1 vertical grip. Allowing for two batteries gives you a whole lot of exposures and the boost mode that lets your X-T2 shoot 11 frames per second (without the extra batteries you get 5 to 8 fps).

Having the extra hardware and batteries does make for a substantially heavier kit.

There is also a larger hand grip for the right side of the camera which gives you a deeper grip for holding on to camera. The left side also has the secondary shutter and wheels and buttons to match the regular buttons on the back of the camera for when you are shooting in vertical mode. It even has a joystick for adjusting the focus point.

The right side has the lever for opening the battery compartment.

Also on the right side is a pin for plugging in included AC power supply which will charger your batteries (takes about 2 hours they say) and a jack for plugging in head phones for when you are creating movies. The green lights signify that the batteries are charging.

While the additional weight can be felt as the unit is well made and the addition of the additional metal in the

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