04 Aug Colour Street !

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Lark Lane (X100F)

As a black and white photographer I have never really been interested in colour ! I was told years ago as you age that might change ! Up until my Stroke I never really gave it any head space. But since my Stroke it’s feels almost as natural and shooting black and white.

Since starting Art again with the end goal to draw and sketch in pencils and black inks, part of my practice has been using bright colours ( see my previous post) this has made me want to shoot colour street !

Allerton Road (X100F)

I am now quite fascinated by bright colours out on the street and there relationship in the frame and with people. It’s funny as when I was a working Pro I did not want to shoot colour unless someone paid me and gave me a pallet or Brief to work from.

But now I have retired I don’t really care so reverting back to shooting what I want and how I want has been fun so far.

Allerton Road (X100F)

It’s been an eye opener for sure and spending a couple of years just out with my iPhone and not a real camera really has made me speed up my thought process and just grab some snaps.

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