20 Feb Color Processing of my Fujifilm RAW Files in Lightroom

Source: Kevin Mullins

In this video, I explain exactly how I edit my RAW files for Color. This video explains exactly how I use Lightroom to take RAW files of any camera to achieve this. I talk about using the tone curve tools in collaboration the camera calibration tools.

Of course, I know that this style is not to everybody’s taste and post-processing is as subjective as photography itself. However, I hope this tutorial will help you identify at least a starting point for your own colour edits in Lightroom Whilst I use Lightroom for this, you will also be able to achieve similar results with other RAW editing toolkits such as Alien Skin Exposure which I’ll be delving into deeper in a few weeks. Additionally, much of my colour processing has been born from some of the older VSCO presets. VSCO will give you more leverage as it utilises very clever calibration techniques by reading the camera you are shooting with. However, this is my starting point for colour editing my RAW files.

You’ll want to check each image of course but for me, it gives me a very filmic look right from the start of the processing workflow. The accompanying blog post can be found here: https://f16.click/tips/how-i-edit-my-…

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