20 Nov Classic Chrome in San Francisco

Source: Valérie Jardin

You know how much I love B&W, it remains my favorite way to see the world. But I must admit that recently I’ve been looking for more color on the streets. As you know, it’s not a decision that I take lightly. I make the decision in camera, like in the film days, except that I can change my choice without having to finish the roll of film

Color adds another element of difficulty for the street photographer. It needs to be part of the story without distracting from it. It’s really a balancing act. If the color overpowers the subject, B&W makes more sense. Since Fujifilm came up with Classic Chrome, it has become my color of choice. I find that it has the timelessness of monochrome in a color palette. Does it make sense? It’s simple and real,it fits the streets. If you’ve experienced it, I’m sure you get it.

Many ask why I shoot JPEG? The answer is simple: Because it doesn’t get any better that! I’m not sure I would feel the same way with any other gear. But the JPEGS my little camera give me are better than RAWs processed in LR. Yes, shooting JPEG is less giving and more challenging. But this is street photography, isn’t one of the goals to get it right in camera and spend more time on the streets vs. in the digital darkroom? I don’t need to bring out details from the shadows, I love deep shadows! I don’t care if some of…

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