09 Nov Claire Rammelkamp in Spain – Fujifilm X-T2 with primes

Source: Pro Photo Nut

The 2016 Lovegrove in Spain workshop was billed as ‘Valencia’ but we worked in the provinces of Valencia rather than the city itself. The mood was relaxed, the workshop attendees were keen to learn and we shot our hearts out over the three days of the workshop. Claire Rammelkamp and I flew to Spain from Bristol a few days before the workshop and we were met at the airport by Jonathan Knights, our fixer, location scout and transport provider. We recced and practised for two days then drew up a master plan before setting off with the photographers on our three day workshop.

01. A Lupo 1000 was rigged outside the power station to throw light through the grubby overgrown window. I used a Scattergel to break up the light. It is worth noting that I get over 2 hours of use of the LED 1000 on full power from one battery charge.

The styling for this shoot was mainly organised and collated by myself together with a few fabulous dresses provided by Claire. Make up and hair styling was minimalistic and there has been no Photoshop used to nip, tuck or otherwise distort reality. What we have here is a core set of pictures that represent the raw nature of the moments captured. I’ve pulled the tones around a bit in Lightroom using the radial and graduated filters in just the same way that I used to do back in the day in the darkroom using my hands and wands as dodging

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