31 Dec Circus Madagascar during Covid-19

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I live in Ascoli Piceno, a small town in central Italy. Here, too, the pandemic crisis’s effects were felt in all work sectors, blocking many activities, including mine. As a photographer, I try in my small way to deal with this historical moment in the world through the narration in images. The Covid-19 emergency, which hit our country and the world with the speed and violence of a tsunami, has seriously affected culture, art and live entertainment.

Shows, festivals and events have been cancelled, and the companies are completely stopped, as never happened in the history of modern and contemporary entertainment.

So, starting from the Macro Problem, I focused on a Microcosm: a Circus that stopped for two months on the outskirts of my city.

The main motivation that pushed me to tackle this work is the difficulty in which you come to find the animals that in these situations are the ones that pay the highest price.

Despite my clear opposition to circuses with animals, now is not the time to make controversy on this topic but rather to create a spotlight in order to raise public awareness and move consciences.

The Madagascar Circus is made up of about 70 people and 100 animals, but daily activities do not stop in times of lockdown. Around everything is in constant motion. Each of the over 70 members does their part during the day: those who fix the engine or inflate the tire of one of the trucks, those

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