19 Mar Chromebook + Android + Fujifilm: My New Workflow

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Lightroom is now a couple years behind me and I don’t miss it. I dropped it when I decided to reduce my time spent in post processing and when I switched to a Chromebook for my work and personal computing tasks. I was very content using Google+ with its Snapseed subset of photo editing tools, until Google split Google Photos our of Google+ and did not carry Snapseed into its new product. I tried all the other image editing applications available on a Chromebook and while many were reasonably powerful none of them appealed to me like Snapseed.

Not that I ever need much of an excuse to acquire new tech, but I bought an Android table primarily to run Snapseed and, for a while, I juggled two devices: A Chromebook for work, email, and web, and an Android tablet for image editing and processing. Each had a place and purpose, but I still waited for a time when I could use a Chromebook for everything…

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