22 Jan Christmas with the X100F

Source: Fujifilm Insider

The form factor of the X100F means that I am shooting things I probably would never have done with my other cameras or even my XT2 for that matter

I set my X100F up as follows;

  • Single Shot mode – I had no need for CL or CH. Single shot was fine.
  • Auto WB – The Fuji system does an excellent job with Auto WB, so it is one less setting to worry about
  • Auto ISO (minimum Shutter speed 1/125, maximum ISO 6400.) I have no issue with running the Fuji system to 6400 although I try and stay below 3200. I embrace the grain produced at high ISO.
  • Multi metering mode – I usually spot meter, but I wanted Claire to be able to shoot if she wanted to so this makes it easier for her.
  • Exposure Comp set to “C” to enable front dial – This is just something I wanted to try. I quite like it this way actually.
  • Acros + Green Filter – I love this simulation, and the green is excellent for skin tones.

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