02 Feb Chinese New Year with the family

Source: Charlene Winfred

One cannot ring in the lunar new year without continually consuming vast amounts of food. It’s all ridiculously tasty (this is Southeast Asia, after all), ridiculously available in ridiculous amounts, and you generally get swept up in the I-haven’t-eaten-in-6-months fervor when its spread out. Mum, Flemming and I went to my cousin Simon’s for reunion dinner on New Year’s eve, Mum cooked up a storm on the first day, we swung by cousin Simon’s again on Sunday, and cousin Frankie’s on the Monday.

My cousin Simon sets the table for reunion steamboat dinner.

Talk, food, and mahjong.

By Monday evening, I’d eaten enough for about 60 people. In 3.5 days. I can probably only name half of what I consumed; flavours of my childhood occupy the store room of my mind, their names requiring some effort to unearth, delicious though they are.

I briefly contemplated a week long fast while fighting a food coma when the long weekend was over, then someone opened up a bottle of chi gu chips. #Yummeh.


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