03 Sep Chasing Storm Light

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

After spending last week indoors isolating because my wife was due to go for an operation (which was cancelled when she got there), I was hoping to do some photography this week. Unfortunately, it’s been dull and overcast every day. I did get out a couple of times but didn’t take any shots because the light was so poor. Instead, I consoled myself looking through last years shots and found this one I had previously overlooked.

Carhead Rocks, The Peak District

I shot this using a Fuji XT3 with Fuji 10-24mm lens at 10mm. It’s a handheld exposure of 1/90” at f/11 and ISO160 with a Kase 2 stop ND grad filter on the sky. What I like about this is the great light that the storm is producing on the ridge. Because the lens focal length is so wide, it shows nicely the contrast of the summer sky on the left to the storm clouds on the right.

In case you are wondering, yes, the storm was real. Other than the filter I’ve used a faint vignette around the image. About 10 minutes later the light was gone and there was a torrential downpour. Although I was soaked, it was worth it to catch the great light and sky.

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