08 Aug Carole Schell out and about in Lausanne

Source: Pro Photo Nut

Model: Carole Schell
Photography: Damien Lovegrove
Camera: Fuji X-T2 with 35mm, 56mm and 90mm prime lenses

Back in June I spent a day in Switzerland photographing Carole with my friend and fellow X photographer Jean-Pierre Vicario. Here is a selection of the images that I shot using an X-T2 prototype.  Enjoy.

01. Natural light magic using the 90mm lens.

02. Carole is lying on a slab of concrete outside a swimming pool complex. I was led by the light when I found this spot.

03. “Gis a twirl” Pro Neg S is the perfect film simulation to control the supreme contrast of full sun in June. I delivers delicate hues too.


05. A little exercise in composition, pose and framing.

06. I like to keep the buzz and fun going in front of camera. Good times ūüôā

07. Natural light moments in the park on the 90mm lens.

08. Sunlight through the trees is excuse enough to create some magic.

09. A paddle steamer passed us by. La Suisse is a beautiful craft.

10. Take the plunge. Carole strikes a pose for my X-T2 and the 90mm f/2 lens.

11. Lakeside moments without and with a Cactus RF60 Speedlight.

12. The delight and beauty of youth.

13. Carole in the back streets. Red yellow and blue are the primary colours of pigment and always trigger a shoot moment for me.

14. The dapple of Sunlight through trees inspired the original Scattergels. Now a lighting icon.

15. Swiss beauty, posh nosh and pure

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