08 Aug Carole Schell out and about in Lausanne

Source: Pro Photo Nut

Model: Carole Schell
Photography: Damien Lovegrove
Camera: Fuji X-T2 with 35mm, 56mm and 90mm prime lenses

Back in June I spent a day in Switzerland photographing Carole with my friend and fellow X photographer Jean-Pierre Vicario. Here is a selection of the images that I shot using an X-T2 prototype.  Enjoy.

01. Natural light magic using the 90mm lens.

02. Carole is lying on a slab of concrete outside a swimming pool complex. I was led by the light when I found this spot.

03. “Gis a twirl” Pro Neg S is the perfect film simulation to control the supreme contrast of full sun in June. I delivers delicate hues too.


05. A little exercise in composition, pose and framing.

06. I like to keep the buzz and fun going in front of camera. Good times 🙂

07. Natural light moments in the park on the 90mm lens.

08. Sunlight through the trees is excuse enough to create some magic.

09. A paddle steamer passed us by. La Suisse is a beautiful craft.

10. Take the plunge. Carole strikes a pose for my X-T2 and the 90mm f/2 lens.

11. Lakeside moments without and with a Cactus RF60 Speedlight.

12. The delight and beauty of youth.

13. Carole in the back streets. Red yellow and blue are the primary colours of pigment and always trigger a shoot moment for me.

14. The dapple of Sunlight through trees inspired the original Scattergels. Now a lighting icon.

15. Swiss beauty, posh nosh and pure

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