17 Mar Carla Monaco ~ An X-Pro2 studio session

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Here are 23 pictures of Carla Monaco from a recent 1:3 studio portraits training session held at the Lovegrove studio. The attendees got together on the Lovegrove Creative Facebook group to choose a date and a model. They shared the cost between them and the event was a great success. Details of training events by Damien Lovegrove including prices and options are here.

01. Carla standing in front of my grey painted studio wall that has been lit with a Lovegrove studio colour gel.

Make up: Vicki Waghorn
Photography: Damien Lovegrove
Model: Carla Monaco
Camera: Fuji X-Pro2
Lighting: Elinchrom ELB (Quadra), Elinchrom ELC studio heads and Lupo LED 1000 spotlight

02. A one light shot on the left and a three light shot on the right.

03. Classic Lovegrove lighting control with just one ELB Quadra head and a small area of white wall. 

04. I shot with a punchier look for this late 60s early 70s inspired set of shots.

05. Another trio of one light portraits. I showed the delegates how to create even lighting with minimal fuss and yet maintain a ‘crunch’ to the shots that often gets lost with soft box lighting.

06. The Chinese fighter pilots helmet was a prop I happened to have lying around 🙂

07. One Lupo 1000 LED spotlight and a palm tree makes a perfect lighting set.

08. A few other looks taken on what was a full on learning and shooting experience. I always encourage my training customers to shoot…

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