28 Feb Capturing images from 4k footage?

Can you capture images from 4k footage?

I’ve been Photographing and Filming weddings for many years, I was always one of those photographers that always said “use a video for film and a camera for stills”

I have worked for some pretty impressive companies in my professional life such as Disney, Sky Sports etc etc.

Over the past few years I have been watching the technological growth of the Sony mirrorless cameras, patiently waiting for the camera that can really provide the option to provide my fusion wedding and Video services, where it would be possible to utilize one camera.

I’ve had to eat my words! I have been using the Sony A7iii since it arrived on the market and the results have been incredible. I no longer have to carry several pieces of heavy equipment (or my wife lol) using two of these fabulous cameras with the 28-75mm Tamron and the 85mm sony lens, i’m getting the results.

I was recently asked to photograph a friends show rehearsal of the musical – Westside Story and i thought this would provide me with the opportunity to see if its possible to export individual frames from the 4k footage.

I was very impressed with the results and I have added a few of the images from this test for you to view.

I found the best settings for the 4k were 1/200 shutter speed, f2.8 and let the camera set the ISO. I had read that…